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  1. Digital Media Strategy
    Our Digital Media Strategy services are driven by your business goals. We share knowledge about and deliver the appropriate media mix. We teach how to use our publishing system or show you what we will be producing and managing for you. We ensure desired and maximum visibility of your content to targeted audiences by explaining platforms, automation processes and providing tools to easily manage the presentation and distribution of your media
  2. Digital Marketing
    Our digital marketing services deliver outstanding results online. And our experts help you separate the signal from the noise in the rapidly evolving world of online marketing, from “traditional” banner advertising to the current frontier of social media to… whatever is next. But it is the seamless integration of these efforts – with each other and with your offline marketing programs – that delivers our clients the greatest benefits: * Synergy between online marketing and offline interactions * Highly personalized, relevant communications across all channels of engagement * Improved campaign processes * Reporting that tracks, measures and unifies traffic across all channels Ability to focus on high-payoff channels and optimize marketing ROI
  3. Branding/Identity Services
    Branding goes beyond the logo; what image do you want your company to project into the world? What is your business' personality? What is your core message? How will your customers perceive and interact with your brand? Why should people listen to what you have to say? What do customers experience when they walk in the front door of your shop? What words are synonymous with your business' identity? With focused visual and experience design, your vision can truly take shape. A solid mix of creativity and technology can help your company's voice deliver the right message to people who want to hear what you have to say.
  4. Social Media Marketing
    Social media cultivates concrete customer relationships, majority of consumers rely on social media to influence their purchasing decisions If your business isn’t present on social media, you aren’t giving it the chance to build deeper relationships with the people who matter most: your customers. Your customers expect to find you where they spend their time, and with all internet users now active on social media, your customers expect you to be there, too : * Social Media Monitoring * Facebook Marketing * Facebook Application Development * Twitter Marketing * Linkedin Marketing * Pinterest Marketing * Google+ Marketing * YouTube Marketing
  5. Content
    Great content is the secret to sustaining your market presence, building loyalty among customers, and improving campaign performance. We leverage our insights into user behavior to create actionable communications that maximize impact. We supports our clients by: * Reviewing and auditing content performance and relevance. * Building the content strategy. * Providing guidance on authenticity, style and tone across diverse channels. We develop messaging frameworks, content inventories, content hierarchies and taxonomy, editorial calendars, content decks, social media content, content licensing and origination, production workflows, and migration strategies. We offer techniques for natural search optimization and traffic improvement on destination sites.